How Do I Get A Custom Hat?

First and foremost thank you for choosing me in creating a one of a kind piece just for you! I absolutely love to capture who you are and relay that on a hat!

How the process works

  1. Fill out the form below. Give me some details about you and what you think you are wanting (color of hat, things you don't like, things you love).
  2. I will email you back, whether I accept the order or not. I will give you an affirmative price and a vision of the hat you want. Then, you will have 4 business days to respond to my email.
  3. Once payment received, I will get started right away and shipped out immediately!


Every hat can be different pricing depending on how timely it will take. However, a custom hat will usually cost around $275. The only option I charge more for is beading and that is dependent on how much beading.


The hats that I use are Olive and Pique brand, which all of their hats are one size fits most. The hat comes with a 7 3/8 size and cinches down to as small as you need it. The hat comes with a velcro band to easily change the size of the hat to fit your head perfectly. If you are still unsure the hat will fit you, you can email me the diameter (in inches or centimeters) of your head and I can tell you for sure or not.

Lets Get Started!

Shipping Policy

All purchased items will be shipped out between 1-2 Business days!